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* Robin Antar - "My Passion as a sculptor involves a technique I uncovered more than 20 years ago -- the precise art of creating "virtual records" of contemporary culture -- capturing common, everyday items in stone. ... It's more than art imitating life, it's art mirroring life."
Walter Arnold * Walter Arnold - If you like Gargoyles, this is the site for you. He has some incredible work of his own as well as a Great Resource for all sculptors.


* Tom Banwell - offers quality custom silicone rubber molds and resin castings in urethane and polyester.
Robert Benevides * Robert Benevides - A Brooklyn-based Photography Studio specializing in innovative & imaginative imagery.
Michael Binkley * Michael Binkley - A very talented Canadian stone carver. A member of the NWSS.
RL Blair * R.L. Blair - Sculpture artist R.L. Blair creates figurative contemporary fine art sculpture, wood carving and statues.
* Jeff V. Bohl - 'My most recent sculptures are original semi-abstract figurative bronzes. Sized perfectly for display on a small table or pedestal, they are one-of-a-kind and available for purchase.'


CandlesWest * Candles West - Candles West have great collection of Candles and centerpieces. Make your event extraordinary with our wax luminary vessels, candle centerpieces and custom designed candles. Candles West is the originator and premier manufacturer of wax luminaries, sometimes better known as flameless candles or hollow candles.
Carbonsculpt studio * Carbonsculpt Studio - Commercial sculpture - hyper-realistic official portraits, public monuments, museum figures, dioramas, and movie characters.
Sandy Cline * Sandy Cline - exhibits his soapstone carvings with information on carving soapstone and sources for tools and material.
* Jethro Crabb - Jethro Crabb is a figurative sculptor based in London who has worked as a portrait sculptor for Madame Tussauds since 2005. In this time he has also undertaken private portrait commissions and made figurative work for conceptual artists.
* Cyril Roquelaine
Jennifer Cull * Jennifer Cull - Vase and waterfall sculptures in stone.
* Deanna Cummins - World of Equine Sculpture.


Romolo Del Deo * Romolo Del Deo - worked at the Pietrasanta Fine Arts Foundry and Studio in New York City.
Stacy Deslatte * Stacy Deslatte - original stone carvings of alabaster and limestone. Her stone sculpture has a variety of subjects including nature and the abstract.
Karen Kettering Dimit * Karen Kettering Dimit - Sculptures explore the dichotomy between the physical and the spiritual aspects of man, juxtaposing past/present, beauty/decay, outer world/inner thought.
Don Dougan * Davide Di Donato - Prototypes and maquettes for concept approval and / or digitizing Action figure master sculpting for production of exclusive collections of top quality toys.
Don Dougan * Don Dougan - Stone is the primary material used as in Don's sculpture, although he also uses glass, metals, wood, and other materials for their unique diversity of qualities.


Leon Engelen * Leon Engelen - photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery.


Christi Friesen * Christi Friesen - Polymer clay Fine Art Jewelry, Sculpture and Beads embellished with Semi Precious Stones, Pearls and gems.


Celia DelGaudio * Cecilia DelGaudio  "My goal in each piece is to create a sense of movement. Thus inviting the viewer to look entirely around the piece so, that each viewpoint harbors its own expressive side  …”


Ronnie Jaggens * Ronnie Jaggens - Owner and Sculpture Artist for the Chiseled Features Studio.
* Nason James Here you can view my latest creations as they take shape, browse my on-line gallery, and find links to other interesting Web pages that feature art.


* Robin Kennedy - 5 Delevan St, Red Hook, NY 11231, (718) 855-3152,
* Michael Keropian Sculpture - Michael Keropian creates and provides sculpture at any size for a variety of clientele. He specializes in dynamic custom sculpture; figure and animal compositions, portrait and relief sculpture, architectural, fountains, memorials and historical subjects. Sculptural services include design, consultation, sculpture restoration, enlarging / reducing, moldmaking and casting sculpture.
* Khandros Designs - With over 40 years of experience, Khandros Designs, led by principal artist Michael Khandros, has has experience throughout the world. Their workshop transforms abandoned and mistreated relics and breaths a new ‘as intended’ life into them, honors commissions from simple trinkets, to 2x life size polar bear statues, to designs of gates of the world class Waldorf Astoria hotel.
KJ Lyons Designs * KJ Lyons Designs - One of a kind hand-made soft sculptures.
Richard Kloester * Richard Kloester - Stone Sculpture Studio is based in Bendigo, Australia. Sculptor, Richard Kloester does figurative, abstract and portraits using stone from all over Australia, such as Marble, Mount Gambier limestone and Sandstone.


* Patricia Flanagan Lyon - makes one-of-a-kind porcelain, portrait dolls.


* Heidi Maiers - makes clay portraits and finishes them in a variety of ways. She also casts her own pieces in bronze and has a good tutorial on the patination of clay works.
* Melissa McGill
* Dan Mehlman - Since 1983, he has provided services to the tableware and giftware industries, developing new products in ceramics, glass, metals, and resin.
* Pica Mertvago - Portrait and Figurative Sculpture in Bronze and Other Media for Sale and on Commission.
Mochiin Designs * Mochiin Designs - Website featuring artworks of self-taught sculptor, Moses D. Jaen.


Jason Nelson * Jason Nelson - The Stone Sculptor; Northern Ontario's premiere source for marble, alabaster and soapstone sculptures.
* Howard Newman - has created bronzes for the past thirty years based on his studies in architecture, anthropology, design, metalsmithing, and a general fascination with the way things work.
* New York Carver.COM - a large selection of gothic art as well as a useful font of information.
Nightside Studios * Nightside Studios - Glasswork from the caverns and grottoes of the subterranean studio deep beneath downtown California. Also also a maker of lampwork glass eyes.
* William E. Nutt - My work as a stone carver ranges from quite accurate representational carvings to completely abstract sculpture. You'll find reliefs and complete work in-the-round, in carvings both large and small. Many of my carvings have a nautical or an animal theme.


* Gary Oblock - Bronze Dreams, "In my sculpture I attempt to show the human condition through the form of the human body."


* Manuel Palos Sculpture, Inc. - SF Gate Winner "Best of the Bay Lawn and Garden Statuary" 2008
* Linda Preece - UK sculptor featurescelebrity portraits sculptured in bronze and other art works offered for sale.
* Jonathan Prince - stone sculptor in Southfield, MA.


* Oliver Rabbath - Multi-media artist.
* Raptor Art Studio - Vincent Chiantelli has been a professional sculptor for over 8 years and has been creating characters, creatures and monsters for private collectors and the general public. Many of his works range from masks, costumes, busts and full body sculptures, as well as illustrations and paintings.
* Maureen S. Riley
Denise Roberts Lowe * Roberts Lowe Studios - Exclusive, one of kind sculptures that will capture your imagination. Each piece is an expression of movement and emotion.
* Terry Rooney- 'I specialize in portraits, striving for accuracy as well as choosing a representational moment from the many expressions each sitter possesses. Before becoming a portrait sculptor I worked for many years as a puppeteer and puppet maker. I also make polished granite bases for other sculptors.'
* John Ruppert


* Randall Shannon - Each Shannon Sculpture inspires infinite interpretations and moods. Each one is simultaneously a silent testimony to life’s ancient roots and a timeless legacy to the human spirit.
Seymore L. Shuren * Seymour L. Shuren - a diversified stone sculptor creating both abstract and representational pieces in alabaster and marble.
* Daniel Sinclair - DMS STUDIOS, Handcarved Stone Fireplace Mantels and Sculpture
Michael Speaker * Michael Speaker - Michael Speaker is both a bronze and wood sculptor. Recent commissions include The Bureaucrat in wood for a private collector and a bronze six foot leg (three times scale) for Histogenics Corp in Waltham MA. He is best known for his rhinoceros desks.
Soundings * Soundings - Artists Kim S Warne and Wilma Daust Warne offer a web site filled with discoveries in stone and fabric and features a variety of hand crafted gifts and one of a kind artwork.


Andrew Thomas * Andrew Thomas - The art of Woodcarving/Sculpture.
* Tropical Glass Design Studio - All of our Blown Glass is designed and created on site in our own Studio Hot Shop!


* United Artworks - features artwork by Andrew Werby, as well as sections on sculpture and jewelry techniques.


* Sal Villano - features wire tree sculptures.


The Art Work Of Denise Nielsen and George Worthington * George Worthington - a creator of some exquisite stone and wood hats and flowers. These are some of the the most delicate stone works I've seen.


* Bob Yorburg - Woodcarver / Restorer / Instructor. Bob’s partnership with wood results in a unique grace and style called... AMUSEMENT BAROQUE. The flowing curves evoke a beauty that brings an extraordinary life to: Carousel Organ Facades, Carousel Pieces, Penny Arcade Games, Architectural Ornamentation, Fantasy Furnituren and Signage & Lettering.