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Touble Shooting

Soft / Sticky Spots:

  • These spots are the result of unmixed Envirotex Lite that has been scraped from the mixing container. Cure: All soft, sticky material must be removed! Use a paint scraper or chisel, then wipe area clean with solvent and lint free cloth. Use the two container mix method and repour entire area. Prevention: Pay closer attention to scraping sides and bottom of mixing container while mixing. For a thorough mix, double mix in two containers. Never scrape out last few drops.

Soft Tacky Surface:

  • Is a result of improper measurements of resin and hardener. Cure: All soft, tacky material must be removed! A paint scraper works well for this, then clean area with solvent and lint free cloth. Repour with properly measured and double mixed Envirotex Lite. Prevention: Do not guess at the proper ratio or just empty the two bottles into your mixing container. Use a proper measuring device and measure equal portions of resin and hardener.

Thick, frothy bubbles when mixing:

  • This is a result of trying to mix cold Envirotex Lite. Prevention: Store Envirotex Lite in warm area, or warm prior to using.

Cloudy Resin:

  • Due to the purity of Envirotex Lite resin, a clouding or settling of the resin may occur from storing in cold conditions. This is a normal process and does not affect the outcome of this product. Should this occur, simply set the resin container in hot tap water until clear. Allow to cool before using. Prevention: Store in warm area off cold floor.

Wavy, Uneven Surface:

  • Is the result of spreading Envirotex Lite too thin or over torching. Cure: Flood coat with enough Envirotex Lite to properly cover area.

Small Clear Lumps in surface:

  • These lumps are often the result of reusing a brush that was previously used with Envirotex Lite. Although you may have attempted to clean all residue from your brush with solvent, a brush used with Envirotex Lite can never be completely cleaned. If the brush is used again, clear hardened particles still in the bristles will break free and travel into your fresh coating. These particles usually go undetected until the next day, when you notice small clear lumps in the surface. Cure: Sand surface, recoat with Envirotex Lite and use a new disposable brush.

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