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Italian Green Soapstone

  • An amazing find in the alcoves of an Italian quarry. This deep green, jade-colored stone is irresistable. Very easy to carve, the green blocks range from 2-10lbs. (so they are small, but sweet as honey). They carve like butter and have a finish like no other stone, the pictures do not do it justice. Now available exclusively through The Compleat Sculptor, Inc.

Pieces are available up to 10 lbs.only.

The two hundred pound boxes are available unopened for only $398/box.

Exclusively @ The Compleat Sculptor

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As with all natural materials there is some variation amongst pieces. The color swatches above are examples of stones and do not represent the colors or patterns of every piece or any piece in it's entirety. Mother Nature controls what is inside the stone and she hopes you will find beauty in them all. There is no bad stone only unrealized sculpture.

Although we try to keep the most updated prices on our website, all prices are subject to change.