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Museum Putty, Museum Wax and Museum Gel

For years museums have maintained the value of priceless art, antiques, glass and collectibles in two ways: (1) by limiting how many times they are touched and picked up and (2) by securing them properly so they won't fall and break. The secret, originating from museum professionals, is now available to you... the antique dealer, the owner of a fine collectible store, or the serious collector. You too can maintain the value of your collection for generations with our acclaimed 'Museum 3 Pack' of temporary securing adhesives.

Why Shouldn't Your Important Treasures Be Protected?

Museum Putty, Wax and Gel are made of many different materials - porcelain, glass, crystal, ceramic or wood and are also displayed on many different types of surfaces. Thus, we offer 3 products: a putty, a wax and a clear gel. With these three products, you can choose the one that works best for the various items and surfaces you have. Read about the qualities of each unique product further in this brochure and on the individual packaging. What's important to remember about these products is how easy they are to use and that they are completely removable and totally reusable. You will absolutely love them!

Join our growing list of satisfied customers - Museum Professionals, Collectors, Antique Dealers, Limited Edition Collectors and

Home Owners who know the importance of securing and protecting cherished items they can't afford to have broken... and lost forever!

Museum Putty - For Porcelain and Ceramics.
For objects that are frequently moved because it comes off easily and quickly. Most universal product and holds up to 40 lbs. A superior Poly-Putty formulated to remain pliable and reusable HINT: Also good behind picture frames, in boats, RVs. 2.64 oz.
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Museum Wax - For Wood and Pottery.
For objects on high shelves and in hard to get locations where they are not likely to be moved often. HINT: Best for most wood. It is a specially formulated blend of Microcrystalline waxes used by museums for antiques.
50 gms
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Museum Gel - For Glass and Crystal.
For see-through glass and crystal objects. Perfect on glass shelves. It's so clear you won't even know it's underneath. The translucent gel forms a thin clear bond that holds tight. HINT: A little goes a long way! One jar can secure 300 items! 4 oz
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How It Works

All surfaces, objects and hands must be clean and dry. All items must be put on flat, level surfaces. Product not intended for use at any angle. Product not recommended for use in direct sunlight or with extreme exposure to heat. Read detailed instructions thoroughly and completely.
1. Make several balls, or strips to correspond to the object base.
2. Apply to the bottom of your object. The amount to be used depends on items size, contour, weight, and your judgment. Place product around middle and/or base equally.
3. Set the object onto a flat level surface and press down gently. Allow product 30-60 minutes to settle into place to create a bond. Allow overnight for complete adhesion. To check adhesion: Nudge item at BASE ONLY to see if it has a strong hold.
4. To remove, hold item at base and top, twist slightly while pulling item gently from its position. Dab product to remove any excess.


  • Clear, Clean, Removable, Reusable, Non-toxic, Non-sticky, Won't dry out, Won't wear out
    PROTECTS AGAINST: Earthquakes, Feisty cats and dogs, Playful kids, Dusting accidents, Accidental knocking
  • GREAT IN: Boats, Recreational vehicles
  • OTHER USES: Stabilize Picture Frames, For Dollhouse items, Under jewelry boxes, Under slipping bookends, Under Trophies, Desk top items like pencil holders, Under phones, Under kitchen utensil holders

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