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Micro Mesh
Remove Scratches
from Plastics
Polish and Clean Metals,
Plastics and Painted Surfaces
Polish Stainless Steel,
Copper, and Aluminum

Typical Applications
  • Restoring Aircraft Windows to Optical clarity
  • Helmet Face Plates and Safety Shields
  • Gel-Coated Fiberglass Boats, Hot Tubs, etc.
  • Plastic Models
  • Acrylic
  • Jewelry
  • Guitars and Violins
  • Achieve Fine Finishes
  • Less Loading
  • Longer Life
  • Uniform Scratch Pattern
  • Low Heat Build-Up
  • No Resin Deposit
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Micro Mesh MMR Sheets
Use these products for finishing plastics, acrylics, polycarbonates, bakelite, fiberglass, gel-coat, urethanes, celluloid, lacquers, fiberglass, cast polymers, soft woods, cultured marble, coatings, composites, and more. Abrasive colors of this product range from dark grey to light grey. This material is made to be used wet or dry, is made with a flexible cotton backing with polymer emulsion cushioning layer and large micron graded silicon carbide crystals suspended in an ultra flexible resin bond. *Grades 8000 and 12000 are made with aluminum oxide crystals. This material is available in the following 9 grades, from coarse, to fine:1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000*, and 12000* REGULAR. 1500 Micro Mesh is equivalent to a scratch pattern left using 400 wet/dry, but is much more consistent. Sheets are 6in. x 3in.
Order #
Micro Mesh Size
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MMR1500 1500 30
MMR1800 1800 18
MMR2400 2400 15
MMR3200 3200 12
MMR3600 3600 9
MMR4000 4000 5
MMR6000 6000 4
MMR8000 8000 3
MMR12000 12000 -
See Chart for Equivalent Sandpaper Grits.

Micro Mesh MMX Sheets
Use these products for finishing metals and hard wood. This material is made to be used wet or dry, is made with a flexible cotton backing with polymer emulsion cushioning layer and large micron graded silicon carbide crystals suspended in an flexible resin bond. *the bond in the MX is less flexible than in the REGULAR so you can achieve a high gloss on metals. Abrasive colors of this product range from dark grey to light grey. *Grades 800 MX and 1200 MX are made with aluminum oxide crystals. This material is available in the following 13 grades, from coarse, to fine: 80 MX,100 MX,120 MX, 150 MX, 180 MX, 240 MX, 320 MX, 360 MX, 400 MX, 600 MX, 800 MX*, and 1200* Sheets are 6in. x 3in.
Order #
Micro Mesh Size
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MMX80 80
MMX100 100
MMX120 120
MMX150 150
MMX180 180
MMX240 240
MMX320 320
MMX360 360
MMX400 400
MMX600 600
MMX800 800
MMX1200 1200
See Chart for Equivalent Sandpaper Grits.

Sanding Block
3in. X 2in. Firm black foam Sanding block to wrap
Micro Mesh sheets around for hand sanding.
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Micro Mesh Pads - Sculptors Kit
This kit is designed for use on plastic, acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, solid surface, cultured marble, wood, decoupage, and more. Perfect for pen makers, model makers, and hobbyists. For many, our flexible Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads are preferable over sheets. No sanding block is required, they're quick and handy to work with, conform to different shaped objects easily, and can be used over and over again.
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  • Kit contains an Instructional Guide plus:
  • 1 Each 2in. x 2in. Soft Touch Pads 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12000
  • 1 Each 5-3/4-in. x 5/8in. Handi-file 100MX/150MX, 180MX/240MX, 400MX/600MX
  • 1-1 oz. Bottle Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive
  • 1 Flannel Sheet

Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads
Micro Mesh on both sides with a foam center.
3in. x 4in., 5 pads per package.
Order #
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8021800 1800
8022400 2400
8023200 3200
8023600 3600
8024000 4000
8026000 6000
8028000 8000
80212000 12000

9 Piece Soft Touch Micro Mesh Pad Set
3in. x 4in. MR Micro Mesh on both sides
with a foam center.
9 pieces containts: MR grits 1500-1200 (pictured)
13 pieces contains: MMX grits 60-1200 (not pictured)
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800903 9 pieces MR (1500-12000)
800902 13 pieces MMX (60-1200)

Micro Mesh Sanding Swabs
12 Color-coded Micro Mesh coated sanding swabs ranging from coarse to fine(see below for grits). Washable and reuseable, these swabs work well for any craft, art, or hobby project where small areas need to be sanded. Perfect for polymer clay projects, plastic, porcelain, sculpting and model finishing.
Small and large swab variety packs are also available. Using water as a lubricant is encouraged is encouraged to extend abrasive life and cool the work surface.
Order #
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800904 2-1/4 in.
800905 3in.
800906 5in.
  • 5in. tip about 3/4in. in length.
  • 3in. swab tip is about 1/2in. in length.
  • 2-1/4in. swab tip is about 3/8in. in length.
  • 100MX = Sea green, 120 MX = Country blue, 150 MX = Dusty Mauve, 1500 = Bronze, 1800 = Green, 2400 = Black, 3200 = Dark Purple, 3600 = Brown, 4000 = Teal, 6000 = Light, Purple, 8000 = Royal Blue, 12000 = Grey

Micromesh Abrasives
  • Micro Mesh Cushioned Abrasives - Micro Mesh Cushioned Abrasives were originally developed for the aircraft industry to remove scratches from aircraft windows. However this unique product will finish or restore a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, wood and painted surfaces to high gloss, "see-through" finish. There are 9 grades of Micro Mesh materials from 1500 to 12000. Start with the 1500 and polish all the way through the series to 12000. You may find that some surfaces (especially those with deep scratches) will require the entire series of material to achieve the finish you want.
  • What is a "Cushioned" Abrasive? - A cushioned abrasive is a cloth backed material with a resilient layer of latex upon which a layer of abrasive crystals are glue bonded. Cushioned abrasives are made in such a manner that the crystals are held in a resilient matrix as opposed to a hard resin, which will allow the crystal to recede when subjected to contact pressure. In the case of Micro Mesh products, there is a cloth backing upon which a latex film is placed. Then various sizes of silicon carbide crystals are adhered onto the film.
Micomesh Abrasive
What is unique about cushioned abrasives is that they do not give any random deep scratches. Instead, they produce an extremely uniform scratch pattern over the entire work surface. When contact pressure is applied, the crystals recede and rotate slightly to present their sharp edges evenly across the surface. The abrasive crystals all cut together with a fine planing action. Because the crystals can move back into the cushion a much larger crystal can be used to achieve a very fine uniform scratch pattern. The larger crystals and the flexible glue bond result in a longer lasting material. Cushioned abrasive products like Micro Mesh have an extremely long life since the crystals are not subject to fracture or overheating. The crystals continue to cut effectively until they eventually become dull and lose their cutting edge.
  • Use Wet or Dry - If possible, it is always better to use a lubricant. This will extend the life of the Micro Mesh greatly and keep the material from loading. It will also keep heat generation to a minimum. There are many types of lubricants, but generally water is best. It is best to work using a light mist or spray. Flooding the work surface or work piece is not recommended as it will cause the abrasive to skate across the surface, making less contact and removing less material. After you're done, it can be washed out and used again.
  • Micro Mesh Conversion Chart - The following chart compares scratch pattern depths left on plastic and resin surfaces by various abrasive grades, but not rate of removal. Note: for general comparisons only. All manufacturers abrasives differ slightly.
Submicron finish
  • At what stage do I begin using MICRO MESH?
    Use conventional abrasives to deburr, remove deep damage and blemishes or to alter the geometry of the part. Use Micro Mesh to remove the uneven sanding pattern left by the sandpaper product and then to bring the surface to a high gloss or a RA of 1.0 or less.

    When finishing softer materials such as wood, plastics, or painted surfaces, begin using Micro Mesh 1500 after using 400 grit CAMI sandpaper.

    When finishing harder materials such as metal, begin using Micro Mesh 60MX after 220 grit CAMI sandpaper.

    Using Micro Mesh prior to these steps will greatly reduce life of the product. Micro Mesh is not intended for heavy stock removal, but for micro-finishing.

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