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Magic Smooth This two-part epoxy is similar in use to Magic-Sculp but it has a thinner consistency (a little thicker than Vaseline). Easily smoothed with water to a glassy finish, Magic-Smooth is used often for taxidermy projects but it is also great for sculpting. Magic-Smooth does not dissolve foams making it an ideal foam coat! Also it can be used to give texture to almost any surface and Magic-Smooth makes a great adhesive for many projects. Simply mix equal parts of both the A and B component, and the material will harden overnight. It will permanently adhere to almost any clean surface. Once dry, Magic-Smooth will accept most any type of paint and will not shrink or crack.
Order #
16 oz. / 1 lb.
4 lbs.
16 lbs. / 2 gallons
80 lbs. / 10 gallons

Approximate Coverage in 1/4in thickness
1lb unit = .5 sq ft
5lb unit = 2.5 sq ft
20lb unit = 10 sq ft

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