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A UNIQUE new Sculpting/Casting Medium
Model or Cast your own Stone!
Provides the strength and durability of Stone in the shape, size, color and texture desired.
  • Multi-component dry cementitious formulation requiring only the addition of water
  • Model with fingers or tools
  • Weather Resistant
  • Non-toxic, Safe, and easy to use
  • Can be integrally pigmented or externally patinated
  • Can be shaped into any complexity of form

WINTERSTONE-is supplied as a one part dry mix.  It has at least a one year shelf life provided it is kept in a sealed container in a dry place.

Winterstone Sculpting Mix

Winterstone Ultra Mix

The new ULTRA Mix is a rich, extra fine WINTERSTONE formulation with increased strength, toughness and bonding properties. It may be used on its own, without any additives, as the surface layering(s) of a sculpture (cast or directly modelled) where the sculptor desires a highly refined polishable/burnishable surface. It is also recommended as a surface medium for producing METALLIC effects.

Tools for working with Winterstone:
These tools are specially designed for working with cementicious materials. They are great for Winterstone as well as mortars. Easy to create a toothed finish and usable texture for applying subsequent coats or even other adhesives. Can also be used on hard styling clays, plaster and AquaResin.

This tool is used primarily for sculpting clay, however it is also great for spreading adhesives and sculpting Winterstone. The serations leave an even, textured surface. (Note: this tool is made of thin flexible metal. Over time Winterstone will wear the teeth down, making finer ridges great for use on smaller pieces.)

Stainless steel mini trowel.
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